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Persuasive essay assignments: how to deal with them?

Persuasive essay

“Persuasive” means "inductive, moving or forcing someone by reason to believe or do something." That is correct: writing on persuasive essay topics intends to convince the reader of the author’s point of view on the subject.

Persuasion often has nothing to do with essay writing reviews and, in fact, constitutes a process that occurs in various aspects of our everyday life. At school, you try to convince your peers and teachers of the value of your ideas. At work, you, sometimes, have a strong desire to make the boss think you are worth a raise. At home, children try to convince their parents to obtain privileges or a permit for something.

School and college assignments often require students to demonstrate the ability to be convincing. Still, many of us lack this ability – and the only way is to build it from scratch. That is why quite a few learners find themselves looking for reviews on essay writing service; luckily, you do not need to search further. Bear with us, since in this article we will show you the basics of good persuasive writing.

Writing a persuasive essay: a step by step guide

FIRST step: Choose a theme

It is recommended to choose a topic that is interesting and pleasing to the author. That is, opt for a field of study in which you feel confident and willing to investigate. Sometimes, it is possible to pick a great theme on essay writing services, review websites, and so on. In the school environment, teachers sometimes present possible topics to the students.

SECOND step: Research

Finding sources to support the work is a sheer responsibility of the author. Again, your favorite online essay writing service, review website, or personal academic writer can come in handy for this task. While it is always important to let your own voice sound, it is as well essential to have a solid, credible basis for the arguments to be truly trustworthy.

For example, if someone is writing a persuasive essay about the importance of climate change, they should support their views by concrete data, statistics, opinions of experts, etc. on the phenomenon in question.

THIRD step: Arguments


Here lies the center point of your essay. The arguments are the pillars supporting the scheme of the author’s ideas.

If, for example, you talk about the negative consequences of Internet use, the main argument has to be about the negative effects Internet can have on the health and personality of an individual who is abusing the technology.

Fourth step: Conclusion

At the end of the work, the author can give a brief overview of the main ideas, or emphasize some aspects in the last attempt to leave an impression on the reader.

How to evaluate persuasive essay examples

Students are also advised to use sample papers to teach themselves how to master persuasive writing. However, you need, basically, to look exclusively for one thing. That is, you want to understand how to use facts to illustrate conclusions.

First of all, this means that you have to know what you are speaking about in order not to miss the facts, otherwise you will not be able to convince anyone successfully. Since everything you say is being put in writing and the words are fixed on paper, you should put a lot of effort into providing your reader with correct data.

Secondly, you should break the body of your essay in chunks that are easy to read and comprehend. Only by following your train of thought, the reader will be able to get imbued with your seeing of the essay subject. Rely on hard facts and searing word and your text will never miss the goal!

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