A 1000 word essay without a problem

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A 1000 word (essay+paper) writing is a task that is simple and difficult at the same time. You will ask us why it is so? The answer is easy. As the size of the writing is not very large, you should think about every sentence you include into your 1000 word (essay+paper) to be satisfied with the content of your writing. You should also keep in mind that not only every sentence you use should be weighty, the structure of your essay should be able to catch the attention of the audience revealing your viewpoint with the supporting arguments and should comprise the counterarguments that you will try to devalue.

Also, your 1000 word (essay+paper) should have logical connections between the paragraphs, as well as the structure that presents a comprehensive stance on the problem you are stating and analyzing. Only inexperienced students can think that they need just a couple of hours to write 1000 words on some problem. A really profound 1000 word (essay+paper) writing might take you up to a couple of weeks. Because of all these difficulties, we are ready to assist you with this type of writing and here are our pieces of advice on how to create a 1000 word (essay+paper) without any problems.

Do not neglect the time issue!

The majority of students fail to fulfill the task in time because they neglect the fact that although a 1000 word (essay+paper) is not a very long assignment, it still requires the same preparatory steps as writing a full-length article or report. As a result, they start writing just before the deadline and the essay they create in such a hurry could hardly impress anyone or bring a good grade. We’d like to stress once again that regardless of the size and topic of your writing, you have to spend several days on performing it. There is also an option to order your paper to a professional, but if we tell you how to do this without a problem, you will surely cope with this assignment yourself.

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Prepare for the writing profoundly!

As it was already mentioned, the size of your writing is of a minor importance if you want to get a good result. That is why while creating a 1000 word (essay+paper), you should take the same steps as if you are writing a full-length article. It is obligatory to:

  • make some research work;
  • read;
  • analyze;
  • write;
  • revise.

One of the most important steps in your writing is to make some prior research work as to the available material connected to your topic. It is also desirable to read the existing articles on the problem you are working with. With the help of these two steps, you get enough information for analysis before writing your essay. Only after fulfilling the first three steps of our guide, you can start creating your 1000 word (essay+paper). Do not also ignore the last step we’ve recommended if you do not want to hand in your essay with some grammar or logical mistakes.

Make any sentence sound!

The problem with 1000 words essay is its size, as here you need to be careful in the choice of sentences to use. Additional water in the form of filler words will do no good here. You should construct the sentences in such a way that each of them hides a hundred of other sentences in it. Although this is a metaphor certainly, but we think that you’ve understood what we mean. You should be able to reveal the essence of your writing in a limited number of sentences, which is a real pitfall for the majority of writers.

For all those who want to say quite a lot on the topic chosen, a 1000 word paper is a real ordeal. But it is quite possible to cope with this task if you spend some time on creation the sentences that can reveal your ideas properly to bring you a decent result.

Do some scratch writing at first!

Our next tip will please those who worry about the size limit most of all. In this case, we advise you to forget about this limitation and start writing your paper as you wish. You will certainly spend a lot of time on presenting everything you want to speak about, but this will give you the opportunity to see what you have in your mind on the topic and choose only the most important facts that you can include into your 1000 word essay. When you have included everything you want, read the contents attentively and highlight the most significant parts of information to be mentioned and cross out the ones that you can put aside. This will give you the possibility to choose only quality pieces of writing and as a result, you will get a high-quality essay to submit. Such a revision will also help you to check your work for any logical inconsistencies or grammar mistakes.

persuasive essay

Structure your essay correctly!

One more important thing that you should consider while writing your essay is the proper structure of it, as this is one of the most common mistakes student make. Sometimes they use too many words in the part of writing that does not require this. You should be very careful while dividing 1000 words between the parts of the essay, as not all of them should be equal. We advise you to distribute the words in the following way:

  • introduction and thesis – 100-300 words;
  • body – 500-750;
  • conclusion – 50-250.

Few words in some parts do not mean that this part is less important than the rest ones. All the parts are significant for the whole writing! Therefore, just keep in mind how to distribute the words within your essay correctly.

Have we persuaded you?

Now we are sure that you will not be so afraid of writing a 1000 word paper in case your teacher gives you this task. We hope that you have understood that the small size is not the reason to neglect this task and the steps for preparing to write it. Just think about the proper time managing, the necessity to make some research, to write and revise everything. If you follow our pieces of advice, you will surely have no problems in writing any 1000 word essay you need.

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