A 500-word essay without a problem

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A 500-word essay can be named a mini-essay without any hesitations. This short type of essay has more similar features with a little sketch on some topic than a real essay. However, it is difficult to underestimate this literature genre as it is really amazing. Usually, this short in size piece of writing is full of emotional and sensual contents revealed through the description of some events or landscapes.

The most attractive thing connected with a 500-word essay is the possibility to present your viewpoint, emotions and feelings in the way you want. The only obligatory feature is to reveal the contents just in 500 words of writing.

Do not ignore the necessity of study!

Maybe it is not evident for everyone but it is really true that if you want to master some skills and to know all the secrets of creating an impressive 500-word essay, you are to study for this. You may need even a couple of months to understand all the hidden pitfalls of writing such an essay. You can believe us that only a real genius can perform this task without any preparatory steps and to create a really worthy piece of writing at once.

Do you consider yourself a genius? If no, be ready to spend 2-3 months on training the skills of writing a 500-word essay. Only a certain practice can guarantee you the result worth the attention of the readers. So be ready to write 15-20 essays before you can be sure that you can cope with this task easily. More than that, your training should be guided by a professional teacher that can direct and correct you on your way to successful writing.

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The problem with a 500-word essay is the necessity to write straight to the point and to present your ideas clearly. Within this limited size, you are expected to demonstrate your abilities to use the obtained knowledge, the skills of analyzing and expressing your own ideas on the topic. Furthermore, you are to be able to support your opinion with some weighty arguments.

What should you keep in mind while writing a 500-word essay

  • Theme. If you are not provided with the theme by your teacher as it is often done, you need to choose the topic you are good at.
  • Format. Do not forget about the importance of such features as the number of words and pages or some common preferences if they are provided. If you expect to get a good mark for your 500-word essay, you should follow all the guidelines given accurately.
  • Readers. Always remember about your target audience and consider its interests while writing a 500-word essay.

If your aim is to create a really worthy piece of writing, you should obligatory include into it the opinions that may contradict to your ideas. Any good essay should have such counterarguments which you will try to devalue during writing or which may persuade you that your initial standpoints were incorrect. Why not look through some articles related to your topic? This will supply you with extra ideas on how to present your material or can help you formulate your arguments that you can apply while writing a 500-word essay.

persuasive essay

The structure of any essay has three obligatory parts in it:

  • Introduction, where you present the topic you will develop;
  • Main part, which is the most significant part as here you are to present the main contents of your essay;
  • Conclusion. Here you are to summarize everything you’ve written and give some outcome.

In any 500 words paper, every new idea should occupy a separate paragraph. In the case of any citations added to your essay, you should supply them with quotation marks and the reference to the source used. This will help you to avoid plagiarism.

Can you answer ‘Yes’ to all these questions?

  • You understand the topic of your writing perfectly well, don’t you?
  • Did you supply your essay with facts and arguments?
  • You have prepared the plan of your writing with all the obligatory steps, haven’t you? Did you follow it?
  • Have you analyzed the existing information related to your topic thoroughly?
  • Did you present one idea per paragraph?
  • Have you presented the material logically? Is it possible to understand your ideas for people unaware of the topic?
  • Did you add reference links to your citations?
  • Have you revised your writing properly a couple of days after fulfilling the task?
  • The common style of your work is present throughout the essay, isn’t it?

Keep in mind that professors hate when you:

  • are unable to answer their questions;
  • answer their questions poorly;
  • find even the easiest questions difficult;
  • use rhetorical material instead of argumentation and persuasion;
  • use data inappropriately;
  • present too much information and no analytical issues;
  • cite only others without providing your ideas.

Be cautious!

Do not commit the main mistake that many students make while writing a 500 words essay. They simply avoid presenting the possible argumentation and data. How can you persuade others if you do not give reliable data or facts? You should try to find something to convince your professor and other readers in the correctness of your viewpoint. It is a good idea to ask some professional for advice or help in case you have some doubts.

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