Unfavorable Review on edit-my-paper.net

edit-my-paper.net review

Impression Produced

The first acquaintance with the website of edit-my-paper.net made me really upset and caused this essay writing services review. It has a rather poor structure where everything is difficult to find. After browsing through various pages, I could not find the one I needed. This irritated me a lot, because I urgently needed help and could not find it. More than that, the pages loaded very slowly, which I hate.

Available Services

If to talk about the services on offer, I could find only such types as essay paper writing, custom essays, and research papers. I was also hoping to see the services of proofreading and editing, resume writing and essay writing in the categories. Nowadays, there is a great number of companies that offer all these services together under one roof, which cannot be told about edit-my-paper.net


They charged really incredible prices plus there are some hidden fees, as I managed to notice. For one of my orders I had to pay $17 more than the starting price. For a one-page of Business School type of writing, I paid $33, although there were only 300 words in it. As my next order has 5 pages in it, they charged me as much as $165. Not a small amount for only 5 pages, isn’t it?

review edit-my-paper.net

Free Offers and Discounts

It is impossible to talk about the discounts in my online essay writing service review if they are completely absent. It is a general practice that such companies give its users up to $30 discount when they apply to them for the first time. They also provide them with free outlines and editing. The clients that returned are usually rewarded. We cannot say anything similar about edit-my-paper.net as they do not even talk about discounts on the site and in reviews on essay writing service.

How to Order

The process of ordering is very complicated here. You are to fill in a very long form with tons of unnecessary information. I know from essay writing reviews that other companies providing similar services offer just a 3-step instruction to place an order. But in case with edit-my-paper.net , you will spend a lot of time just trying to fill in the ordering form.

Cooperation with Performer

edit-my-paper.net review

The possibility to keep in touch with the writer was promised by edit-my-paper.net on the homepage. I thought that I could talk to my writer without any problems, but it was not really so. It was impossible to contact him via email or a live chat. I only received a response 3 days after. But I needed to add some urgent changes to my project. Now you will surely understand how disappointed I was.

Terms of Performance

I cannot tell about the other cases, but mine was not among the most pleasant ones. I made an order at edit-my-paper.net and gave them the deadline of 3 days as it was an urgent work. They promised to do it but delivered me the essay 2 days after the deadline. This costed me my reputation!

Result Obtained

As my essay was delivered 2 days after the deadline, I thought that they had made it with a perfect quality. I was rather disappointed when I noticed a few spelling mistakes. I had to check the essay myself. They charged me a lot and did not even proofread it!

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